New: Sole Therapy

Sole Therapy is a dual layered anti-ageing treatment bootie combined with marine collagen, cooling peppermint and fruit extracts to nourish and deeply moisturise. The removable toe tip makes it easy to work on the toe nails while your feet experience a soothing and hydrating treat! This wonderful treatment leaves the feet soft, supple and rehydrated. Suitable for all skin types. Infused with marine collagen, combined with key vitamins, herbs and botanicals to improve skin tone and complexion.

This luxury treatment includes a foot soak, a relaxing thai foot and lower leg massage, cuticle tidy, filing, foot scrub, and a choice of either gel polish or a standard polish.

Put a spring in your step with a Sole Therapy pedicure £28.00£30.00 with gel polish

Pedicure £20.00 – includes foot spa, cuticle tidy, file and shape plus choice of colour. (please bring open-toed footwear-unless a uv gel polish is chosen)

Luxury Pedicure £25.00 – includes foot spa, exfoliation, foot masque, heated booties, plus foot and leg massage, shape and polish.

For Shellac UV Gel Polish please visit the Manicure Page.

Callus Peel



Don’t just dream about pretty feet, simply callus peel away the hard skin and calluses! Callus Peel Heel £24.00 –  Heel and sole £28.00 (includes foot soak, file & polish)

 How often should you have a Callus Peel treatment

The recommended interval between appointments is every 2-3 weeks. This can vary from client to client though it depends how long hard skin takes to build on your feet. For clients with excessively hard skin, another treatment may be required approximately 4 days after the initial treatment to really take effect, and then 2 weeks after that. A maintenance programme can be worked out for you, or of course you can just book one and see what you think!