Oriental Face Massage

 1 hour treatment – £30.00
A fusion of different massage techniques from India, Tibet and China. Deeply relaxing and meditative.

Oriental face massage works on the shoulders/neck/scalp and face. It is an effective non surgical treatment to reduce the signs of ageing and to help rejuvenate the skin. It works on the underlying facial muscles and with acupressure techniques, it provides a stimulating but deeply relaxing face massage.
Benefits of Oriental face massage
– Age defying/ improved skin condition and deeply relaxing
– Rejuvenates the skin and hair and helps restore elasticity to the skin
– Relaxes muscles in the face, neck, scalp and upper back and shoulders
– Improves muscle tone and stimulates lymph drainage and removal of toxins
– Relief from tension headaches and eyestrain
– Improves nasal and sinus congestion
– Strengthens the immune system
– Improves blood flow to the brain, thus improving concentration levels
– Increased circulation brings fresh nutrients to the skin and waste is carried away

“I have had one of Linda’s amazing facials with hand & arm massage, all with fabulously indulgent Neal’s Yard Organic Products.  The whole experience was a delight in Linda’s little haven, I cannot recommend her highly enough!!” Helen Waller