Muscle Master Neck Massage

Introducing the : Muscle Master Neck Massage

This is a new massage treatment dedicated to the shoulders and neck & head. Did you know that we carry a lot of stress and tension in our upper shoulders & neck and as a result the muscles in our neck become tense and stiff. The Muscle Master massage will help to alleviate neck pain, it improves posture and flexibility and can relieve stress.

The treatment is 45 mins – warm bamboo sticks are massaged in and around the neck to warm the muscles. Warm therapeutic oil is applied to the shoulders & neck. Gentle stretching of the neck will help to alleviate hypertonic (too tight) muscles. Performed both face up and face down this treatment is especially beneficial for those people who spend long periods at a computer screen. If you feel that the Muscle Master is the massage for you then why not book yourself in for this deeply relaxing & therapeutic treatment. £35.00