Lomi Lomi Massage

Full Body Massage 1hr 30mins £48.00
Back neck & shoulder 45 mins £38.00

This sacred healing massage uses the flowing technique of forearms and elbows for a spiritual type of bodywork. Literally translated it means ‘Rub Rub’ and is often referred to as ‘loving Hands’ In addition to the relaxing effects, the balms used also replenish and hydrate the skin. Using the Polynesian technique, the strokes are away from the heart towards the extremities (for circulation problems, cold feet, etc). This is a deep, flowing massage which aids a sense of calm. Not for the faint-hearted!!

Benefits of a Lomi Lomi massage are:

  • Releases tension

  • Increases blood and lymph circulation

  • stimulating & removes toxins

  • creates a sense of peace and harmony

  • rejuvenates the body & mind

  • Incorporates passive stretches and joint work making it particularly good for those with limited mobility and those who are very sporty

In keeping with the tradition of a Lomi Lomi  massage,  Batik Sarongs are used instead of towels as well as balms and oils specially chosen to bring you an authentic, unique massage…..Aloha!