All facials include a deeply relaxing facial massage and a hand & arm massage.


NEW : Glisten Skin Facial £38.00

Glisten skin is a new facial treatment mask that contains calamine vitamin B and white mulberry. Calamine helps to cleanse and tighten pores, vitamin B is an antioxidant that helps to treat signs of ageing. White mulberry reduces the appearance of existing wrinkles and smooths the skin. This 3D clay mask wraps around the natural contours of the face to provide a deep lifting treatment. If your skin is in need of hydration or you are simply looking for a results proven mask that will leave your skin tone and elasticity improved then this is the treatment for you.




Collagen Boost Facial £40.00

A wonderful collagen boost mask with anti- ageing marine collagen combined  with vitamin-C.  Formulated to combat damaged, dull skin while brightening the complexion, diminishing pigmentation and increasing elasticity. This fabulous mask leaves the skin supple and with a youthful glow.



Facial2Neal’s Yard Organic Facial. £38.00

Using a selection of award winning products from Neal’s Yard Organic Remedies. Following  a  personalised skincare consultation, specially chosen products are used to energise, detoxify and defy the passing of time to reveal fresher, brighter and younger skin. Gentle enough to use on teenage and sensitive skins.



All facials include an oriental face massage. This special technique encourages lymphatic drainage. It provides a stimulating but deeply relaxing face massage. Heated towels are used on the skin to allow the pores to open. The organic skincare products that I use are specially selected to help provide the support and nourishment your skin needs to feel healthy, glowing and balanced. Pure essential oils, rich in anti-oxidants and minerals work in perfect synergy to stimulate the circulation and encourage regeneration.


“Just got back from a beautiful and very relaxing facial and facial massage. Thank you Linda you really made my day, your hands are like a feather”  Alice Najmanova